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 Bringing music to life in your home, whether through analog, tubes, vinyl, or digital media, is a labor of love.  We can help you in your quest for sonic perfection by using our extensive experience with a wide variety of audio equipment, including new, used, vintage, and exotic brands and models.  Maximizing your musical enjoyment on any budget is our passion.

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Designing an audio room requires special attention to create the very best space to showcase the sound your equipment can offer. Our designers collaborate with audiophiles to help achieve this.  The creating and designing doesn't end with perfecting the music.  Our interior designers also want your space to be a spectacular visual through lighting, furniture, accessories, tile, rugs, and art, all tailored with you and your music in mind.  

CODA = Colorado Design + Audio


Lovers of Beautiful Music & Beautiful Design

We found each other through our intense love of music.  What started out as rotating between audio rooms and attending live music, turned into an incredible friendship.  We find such joy in the search for sonic perfection through new and retro equipment that we decided to take this gig on the road.  Coupled with the interior design talent the group offers, CODA Denver was formed.  Our goal is to create beautiful audio rooms through both sound + sight.  

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Do you have a love for music and want to have a beautiful space where you can explore your passion?  

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